Composing a Heart

Dedicated to the children of immigrants, this performance combines spoken word, taped recordings, music box, original music for clarinet and piano, and photographs. Co-created by composer/pianist Craig Ames and clarinetist/storyteller Bess de Farber, the presentation engages the audience in a series of skillfully-delivered and captivating stories about de Farber’s life and family history. Poignant (and often comical), “Composing A Heart” celebrates the lives of de Farber’s parents with stories of their emigration to Miami Beach from Poland and Argentina. Following the performance, de Farber’s interactive discussion connects the audience to her story and their own.

This was great. I learned more than I thought I already knew about Cubans in Florida. I lived in Fort Walton Beach in the early '60s. I loved the combination of music & stories.
Something that struck me was the music intertwining with the notes of your purse!! Laura B