It's a true privilege to be a clarinetist....why? The clarinet sound has the ability to communicate the human condition. Just listen to the score of a movie and you'll hear that the composer often gives the voice to the clarinet at the emotional climax. It's this rich sound that can communicate so many different emotions that has contributed most to my love affair with this instrument. I really wanted to play the viola, but got lost on my way to find the orchestra room and ended up in the band room.  This has ultimately been to my benefit--breathing is my favorite past time and I'm not sure I would have developed a love for the breath without the clarinet.

This site and my life's work is dedicated to presenting the sound of the clarinet to as many people as possible before I die.  My goal is also to connect with audiences in ways that are unusual like combining storytelling with the clarinet, or performing concerts for clarinet alone.  I've also involved the audience in my performances so they can connect with each other.

I'm happy to perform both for houseconcerts and more formal presentations. Thanks for checking out my site, and may you find many wonderful discoveries in the sound of the clarinet!